Charm Photo Album

Charm Book in the Box Charm Book

Price: £35.00 + Postage

An opportunity to own a totally exclusive handcrafted ‘boasting book’ for those unique moments – individually bound by Wyvern Bindery for Charm Foundation UK. Ideal for sharing with, or giving to, those who are close to you and your “little miracle”.

Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

Price: £95.00 + Postage

We are delighted to offer you our bespoke silver bracelet with a beautiful charm. Each piece is handmade with loving care by ‘Tales from the Earth’ for Charm Foundation UK. A talking point that will serve as unique reminder of a moment to be treasured.

Charm BraceletTales From The Earth has been creating sterling silver jewellery, charms and keepsakes collections for more than twenty years and, in that time, has adorned the wrists and necks of a million women around the world. Each handmade piece that we create tells a story that is unique to the wearer. We are extremely excited to be working currently with Charm Foundation UK on their bespoke, silver charm bracelet and hope that each time you wear it, you will remember and smile.

Charm Baby Blanket

Charm Blanket Charm blanket and the book

£125.00 + Postage

100% pure cashmere handwoven blanket stitched by ‘Johnsons of Elgin’ exclusively for Charm Foundation UK. Gorgeously soft, this will comfort your beautiful new arrival while complimenting those fabulous looks!

Charm Blanket