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At Charm - The Charity for Research into Miscarriage

we are a group of Trustees who are fiercely committed to seeing the charity grow and who bring levels of expertise to help Charm succeed in its goals.

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Our Story

Charm began life in 1998 as “Save the Baby” (STB), and was dedicated to funding pioneering research into infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy and newborn complications.

Since its foundation, the charity has raised over £600,000. In 2006 the St Mary’s Recurrent Miscarriage Unit came under threat of closure, averted only by a campaign that raised over £1 million to rebuild the facilities. STB’s research focus always tended to be highly pioneering, supporting ideas that would not in the first instance achieve independent or government support. Much of that research led to advances in treatment subsequently accepted as the gold standard by health services. Several of the research areas originally covered by STB are now being more than adequately served by other organisations.

As a result, Charm will have a sharper focus – providing funds for research and practice improvement exclusively for recurrent miscarriage.

Our Mission

Miscarriage is common and devastating for families in the UK and worldwide. We believe there is great hope for the future to prevent many stillbirths and neonatal deaths. Our Mission is to prevent recurrent miscarriages and help parents enjoy the pregnancy without the fear of losing the baby.

Donate to Charm

Your support makes a real difference to our mission, and each donation takes us one step closer.

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